Prior to move in

1 month prior to the day before the check in dateNo cancellation fee
1 month to 8 days prior to check in10% of 1 month’s rent
7 days to 2 days before the check in date30% of one month’s rent
Cancellation 1 day before50% of 1 month’s rent
Cancellation on the day100% of one month’s rent

Example: If you check in on February 15, cancellation fee will be charged from January 15.

*In the case of a check in date of March 15, although the last day of February is the “28th or 29th” of the previous month, “the same day of the month before the check in date” is considered to be one month before the check in date, and cancellation fees will be charged from February 15.

Shortening the period of stay after move in

Yearly contract

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