For who would use our service for the first time

We are sorry, but we always have to choose our customers.

Thank you for your interest in our services.
For who would be considering using our Vacation Rental service, there are a few things that we would like you to understand.

What is Vacation Rental?

Our Vacation Rental service is to provide luxury resort apartments and holiday villas in Okinawa as VACATION RENTAL to valued guests while not utilized by the owners. Please understand that it is different from Hotels and AirBnB type services. Each room has different tastes for interior, equipment and facilities.

Since we lend the owner’s important assets with furniture and home appliances, we ask you to present your ID when making reservations and to seal the contract when you move in.

Although it is extremely rare cases, but if there is any breakdown in the equipment or fixtures of the room for various reasons, we may ask you to move from the room you reserved to a different room, and we may not be able to prepare a room with the same conditions.

We kindly ask you to understand these points before applying for our vacation rental service.

We always would like to have a long term relationship with ladies and gentlemen who understand the nature of our service, and who can use the room cleanly, considering the owners who let us use their properties.

Please note that the customers who fall into these criteria cannot use our services.

  1. Customers who do not comply with the rules for the rooms.
    – Smoking is not allowed at any room.
    – Pets are not allowed indoors except the ones with written consent.
    – Customers who cause troubles to neighbors, such as making noises in the room.
    – Customers who do not comply with the condominium rules.
  2. Customers who cannot use the room cleanly.
  3. Customers who do not report or compensate for damages to the room.
  4. Customers who make unreasonable demands, who think that they can do anything if they pay for it.
  5. Our service is available only for customers under 30 years old.
    Even if the applicant is under 30 years old, it can still be available if the actual staying guest is over 30 years old (relatives within the third degree).
    In other cases, we will have to decide individually.

* Please note that customers who have used our service and fell under No.1 to No.4 will not be able to use it from the next time onward.
(Even if you make reservations under other persons’ names, we will refuse to allow using our services.)

We aim to provide a service that allows us to build good relationships between excellent customers and owners for a long time.

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