Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about reservation / cancellation

Q: Will the fees change as the number of staying people increases?
Basically, the price is for one room, and the number of people does not matter if withing the capacity specified for each room. However, there are no rental futons other than the bedding installed in the room.
Q: If I call, can I use it immediately from the day of the call?
Our service is used by customers who understand that it is not a hotel. Basically, it is not a service that can be used immediately on the day. Please note that we need to ask for the permission to the owner and we will need some days for contract procedures.
Q: What is the charge for 30 days or more, such as 35 days?
Total amount will be the product of; the monthly fee divided by 30 days, then multiplied by the number of the days.
ex) if the monthly fee for the room is 300,000 yen and you would like to stay for 35 days,
the rent will be ( 300,000 / 30 ) x 35 = 350,000 yen
Q: When do you start taking reservations?
Reservations can be made 3 months in advance.
Q: Is it possible to make a reservation earlier than 3 months before?
We are very sorry, but we can only answer to questions about room availability and room details, but we cannot accept reservations (or provisional reservations).
Q: I would like to know the reservation status and availability.
Please let us know your preference by clicking the “Reservation Enquiry” button on each room details page. We will reply you with room proposals and an estimate. However, reservations can only be made 3 months in advance.
Q: What are Cleaning Fees and Handling Fees?
In addition to the Room Rate, we charge all contracted customers “Cleaning Fees and Handling Fees”. If you use two rooms, “Cleaning Fees and Handling Fees” will be incurred for each.
Q: About extension and shortening of the period after contract
In case of extending at the time of reservation or after you start using the room, if the room is available, you can simply extend with additional daily room rate calculated. If it is during the peak season, it will be calculated with the peak season charge.
In case of shortening the period after you start using the room, the rent equivalent to one month from the date of request will be charged as a cancellation fee.
In case of shortening before you start using, it is subject to the same conditions as the monthly cancellation policy.
Q: Can I use a credit card?
Sorry. Basically, we ask you to pay by bank transfer.
Q: Can I make reservations from overseas?
For reservations from overseas also, the reservation will be confirmed when 10% of the reservation amount is paid, it works with the same rules as in Japan.
We have staff who are fluent in English, so we will handle reservations, consultations, moving in, and moving out in English. Please note that credit cards are not accepted for payments.
Q: I have used this service in the past, do I need an ID every time?
We are sorry. Due to our system reasons, we ask repeat customers also to submit their ID every time.
Q: What are the cancellation rules?
There is no cancellation fee until 1 month before the start date of the contract period. The fee will be refunded in full. (The bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer).
– From 1 month to 8 days before the start date : 10% of the fee will incur as cancellation fee.
– From 7 to 2 days before the start date : 30%.
– One day before the start date : 50%.
– On the day of the start date : 100%.
* Please contact us for details.

Questions about rooms

Q: Do you rent equipment such as futons?
We are sorry. We do not rent out any equipment. You can rent futons by yourself from companies you find yourself. However, please return the rented items out of the room until the move-out day.
Q: Can I send and receive items using delivery companies?
You can use delivery companies to send to the address / room number and receive it there. However, please send them by specifying the date after the staying guests arrive on the site, and receive them up by yourself.
Q: How do you hand over the keys (when moving in)?
We will contact you by the day before the scheduled usage date. We will meet you at a fixed time on site, explain the facilities and rooms, and then hand over the keys.
* For some buildings, the move-in procedure could be different than the above, and it will be explained at the time of reservation.
Q: What happens to cleaning during my stay?
All the guest has to take care of the room by themselves and clean it during their stay.
Q: Are there any consumables in the room?
– Facilities common to all rooms: equipped at each room.
TV, rice cooker, microwave oven, refrigerator, cookware, tableware, washing machine, bath towel, towel (some rooms does not have a washing machine)
– We have complimentary consumables only for several days.
Shampoo, conditioner, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, toilet paper
* If you have used them up, please buy what you need by yourself.
Q: I would like new sheets and towels during my stay.
A set of sheets (quilt cover, sheets, pillowcase) : 500 yen
1 bath towel : 300 yen
1 face towel : 100 yen
1 bath mat : 200 yen
* Please change the sheets by yourself.
Q: What happens if furniture or home appliances are damaged?
Please let us know first. We will provide alternatives as much as possible. When you move out, we will settle the repair fee or replacement fee depending on the situation.
Q: What happens if I break the tableware?
Please purchase an equivalent product or contact us. If you are unable to replace them during your stay, please contact our staff in charge on the day you move out. We will settle according to the regulations.
Cups, plates, bowls : 300 yen / piece
Frying pan / pot : 2,000 yen / piece
Items such as ladles and tappers : 300 yen / piece
Q: I would like to change to a different room after moving in.
We are sorry. Our service is to rent the property owner’s room to the customer. Please note that the fee for the first room is also non-refundable (cancellation fee will be 100% of the amount) and you will be renting a new owner’s room. In other words, charges for two contracts will incur.
Q: Is there a parking lot?
We have a parking lot for one car for each room.
* Some buildings do not have a fixed parking lot and require reservations in advance. Please check each room details page.
Q: Is there a second parking lot?
Except for a few rooms, basically only one car parking lot for one room will be available. In the case of condominiums where we manage multiple rooms, we may be able to provide a parking lot of vacant rooms.
Often asked question “Is there a coin parking lot nearby?”, it is very hard to find coin parking lots in Okinawa (excluding Naha City).
Q: Would you please drive me from and to the airport?
We do not offer a pick-up service. Please use a rental car, taxi, bus, etc.
Q: How should I move out?
Our staff will visit your room 5 to 10 minutes before the move-out time specified by the customer. We will check the room and we receive the key from you, and that’s all.
* For some buildings, moving out procedures could be different than the above, and it will be explained at the time of reservation.

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