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Furnished apartments and houses in Okinawa for rent (short/long term stay)

We provide fixed-term rental accommodations that are fully furnished (Dishes, cookware, home appliances, Wi-Fi are also installed). There are resort condominiums, villas, as well as Okinawan style traditional houses. Most of the accommodations we introduce are spacious and have kitchens. The available length of stay is one month. No brokerage fee or guarantor is required. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. You can apply from overseas and set up your place before your arrival.

Difference from hotel or serviced apartment

Unlike hotel rooms, we provide spacious housing with kitchen at reasonable/competitive price. There are no amenities such as pajamas, toothbrush, etc. we don’t provide meals, linen exchange, or cleaning service. We ask our guests to take care of the facility and clean the room as you would your own home and respect the other residents in the condominiums. As long as you can stay for three days or more, you can feel the charm and experience which is different from a typical hotel in Okinawa. Although we don’t have a concierge service, our bilingual staff is happy to help enrich your stay in Okinawa.

Okinawa resort / holiday homes, apartments

We offer resort condominiums and villas in Okinawa as vacation rental for the periods they are not used by their owners. You can feel at ease in an Okinawan resort condominium.

Good housing option for civilian workers and contractors for the military in Okinawa

Okinawa Longstay can be a great option for civilian workers and military contractors looking for accommodations in Okinawa. If you are looking for military housing, please contact a base approved housing agency.

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We have English speaking staff. Please feel free to ask about our services from the contact form below. We will reply within the next business day.

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