Fireworks from your Room

Fireworks from your Room
One of the pipedreams that many people would like to make happen in their life time is to live in the apartment where you can enjoy fireworks from the room. There you would see the lights brilliantly sparks in the night scape up to the same level of your eyes.

Living in tower-style apartments would make this come true, although it is only true to the rooms at middle and upper levels of the building in a city area.

Fireworks in city

However, in many cases in city area, only the fraction of the fireworks could be visible from between the buildings. Another way to enjoy fireworks is to go out to the main central spot to enjoy fireworks amid the densely populated city. Some events used to have premium paid seats, but in this case also you still have to travel between your home and the venue through some traffic jams.

Big fireworks in a festival, San Fermin, Spain
(San Fermin, Spain. cancelled for 2020)

When travelling around the world, hundreds of thousands of people would have been able to gather around the places like world heritages or such great iconic locations, but recent years it has became so hard to pursue.

fireworks from seaside town

Among the others, seaside town just like towns in Okinawa, it would be less possible to get crowded in a confined space. In addition to that, the bright reflection over the surface of the ocean will double up the effect of fireworks.

Chatan Fisharena

In Chatan, the geographical center of Okinawa, some restaurant owners and other like-minded people inside and outside of the prefecture have funded a project to launch the fireworks every Saturday from August 2020 until the summer of 2021, to give gratitude and energy to medical professionals who are fighting against the pandemic situation in the world. Every Saturday from 2000 pm in front of Chatan Fisharena, right in front of Hamagawa seaport. What a nice plan! Year around until next summer, this is such a great thing to do as one of the citizens who care about the town and the others.

When a big sound of fireworks approaches, it reminds us of another Saturday has come with weekend excitements.

For who stay in Okinawa for a long period, it would be the case that they enjoy the stay as slow life in their room near to the ocean, rather than busily sightseeing around the island. In such life also, one must need some stimuli for the life that could easily fall into a routine.

“Tourism” in Kanji characters it reads as “Seeing the light”. Even in the world where overseas tourism is restricted, it is an unique experience that you can see the light while still living in the town, only possible at the town with valuable resources and features as a tourism destination. Please find its valuable experiences full of wonder and sparkles while you stay in Okinawa for a long period.

Each of these condos are located in the vicinity of the very spot where you can enjoy your leisure time at restaurants, bars and cafe in its commercial zone, American Village and Fisharena. Let’s go for a walk along the seaside footpath before sunset, and after the sunset to enjoy dinner and bar hopping!

Here is a video of the fireworks from one of the rooms we manage (video recorded in November, 2020).

Some examples of the rooms where you can enjoy fireworks from the room (many others still on our website).


An apartment building with Elegance and sophistication. View of fireworks and American Village from the room will upgrades your dinner time. Please have some wines ready on your table, and home parties with your friends will be much nicer if with such a big and colorful fireworks right in front of your room.
We manage many nice apartment rooms, but around 50 rooms out of 420 solely at URTORE, but due to increasing popularity for this specific apartment, it is becoming hard to meet your requirement every time. So, please give us a reservation enquiry whenever you can set your vacation schedules as early as possible.

URTORE Mihama 9C detail here

Bears Court Mihama Sunset 7A

Bears Court Mihama Sunset
A scenary with fashionable cruiser boats on the harbor will be the art work on the wall of your room. Then the sunset time will tell you the beginning of the night to start Kanpai with the sound of fireworks. You can also walk to the Fisharena to enjoy the dinner outside where you can enjoy the big fire spread right above your head.

Bears Court Mihama Sunset 7A details here

Lapin Mihama Residence Hotel 7B

Lapin Mihama Residence Hotel
Over the view of the Ferriswheel, and Hotels and commercial buildings, you will be able to enjoy the fireworks launched from Fisharena. Also, a convenience store is located just right beside the building, at the ground level. Right in front of it is the route 58, the main road of Okinawa, convenient to go to any locations.

Lapin Mihama Residence Hotel 7B Details here

Other rooms and buildings

Life-enriching experiences with the shine that you have not experienced before. If you love fireworks, we strongly recommend you to stay in Chatan.

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