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Thank you for using Okinawa Long Stay.

Okinawa Long Stay provides luxury resort apartments and holiday villas in Okinawa as VACATION RENTAL to valued guests while not utilized by the owners.

All furnished premium condo with WIFI. You can start a ZOOM meeting within 1 minutes upon arrival.
We provide fantastic living environment from a month for executives who enjoy WORKATION (Work x Vacation) or resort stay in Okinawa.


With increasing demand for apartments for WORKATION in Okinawa, we started to accept corporate and multiple rooms requests.

Let’s move on to Premium workation in Okinawa that matters to acquire and keep good relationship with your great personnels!

Please proceed to fill in some information to allow us to support your successful project.

法人・団体名 Company/Organization必須 required

お名前 Your Name必須 required

役職 Your Job Roll

メールアドレス Email Address必須 required

電話番号 Phone Number

契約書の言語 Contract Language必須 required
 日本語 JAPANESE 英語 English

契約者 Contractor必須 required
 会社契約 Company 入居者 Resident

必要部屋数 Number of rooms必須 required

ご希望期間 Intended period of stay
*Even if not precisely fixed yet, please fill in estimated dates.

入居日 Move-In Date必須 required

↓ 入居日から30日以上先で設定下さい
*Please set the Move-Out Date at least 30 days after the Move-In Date.

退去日 Move-Out Date必須 required

お問い合わせ内容 Enquiry Message

I send this upon agreeing to and accepting the site terms.

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